The future of railway services

The future of railway services

SJ is a Swedish state-owned company that runs railway passenger traffic from Narvik, Norway, in the north, to Berlin, Germany, in the south. The company was previously called Statens Järnvägar (State Railways) and has a history dating back to 1856. With more than 100 years of history, and 5000 employees handling approximately 100 000 customers a day, SJ turned to us with a challenging question: How will SJ handle its customers in 2020? 

So, we took them on a journey into the future of SJ’s strategy and design.



Project team:

Strategy & Creative Direction: Johan Ronnestam
Art Direction, UX & Design: Daniel Stridsberg
Project Management: Caroline Karlström
Video production: Isprod


Strategy. Design & UX. Video.

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